The groundbreaking green technology

Made of 100 % natural ingredients, a unique and novel substance that exhibits excellent oil adsorption capacity and was developed as a result of a long-term project by Hungarian researchers and specialists. Our growing products based with great potential for future brand developments have a wide range of applications in multiple industries without posing hazard to humans and the environment.


 Our mission and vision

We are a values-driven company with a professional commitment to a greater cause. Our mission is to create and disseminate environmentally sustainable technologies throughout the world.

We aim to provide real, practical and lasting solutions for


  • oil spill prevention, response and remediation
  • water pollution reduction
  • elimination of environmental damages caused by fire incidents and other disasters


Our further goal is to

  • add innovative watertight technologies to the array of building materials and methods used in the construction industry
  • support agriculture with new solutions
  • help governments to radically cut public expenditure on flood control and disaster management by supplying highly specialized products





100% natural oil adsorbent

 The new technology is based on a porous lime powder of very fine particles with a 100% natural origin. It is capable of adsorbing a wide and diverse variety of vegetable, mineral and synthetic oils and oil derivatives individually or in any combination.


The wonderfully versatile lime

 Lime has been used for thousands of years as an easily accessible and natural material for constructing castles, forts, churches, and residential buildings, as well as for whitewashing and regularly sanitizing interiors. The advantages and benefits of lime have been well-known in various fields of application involving not only the construction but also the food (acidity regulator) and the pharmaceutical industries (anti-inflammatory substance), crop production (calcium supplements) and animal husbandry (disinfectant). Acting as a protective reserve on our planet, lime can neutralize acidification and reduce environmental damage caused by the greenhouse effect due to its alkaline property when used in nature. 


Brands in a nutshell

 The patented and environmentally friendly new technology has generated a number of product varieties with an ever-expanding range of applications.


All varieties are derived from a mixture of lime and natural additives (ingredients made of plants and other natural sources), using a unique manufacturing technique to produce a special powder of very fine particles. Whereas the base material is identical in our products, the difference between them lies in the exact composition, the particle size, and of course the specific purpose and field of application.

Currently, we are working on introducing six brands, while additional products and technologies are in the development, licensing, certification or patenting phase.