A natural additive to control water penetration in construction base materials whilst ensuring high air permeability and to increase cement durability


General information


When mixed with construction base materials, BAU RESIST additive forms a perfect watertight layer. Walls, roofing, concrete, glue etc. made from base materials treated with this additive become completely watertight. As a masonry material, it can be used to dry damp walls. Marketed exclusively as part of a certified, authorized and appropriately mixed construction material.


When used as a special cement additive, the durability of cement will be extended by several years.


The BAU RESIST powder demonstrates exceptional hydrophobicity and consists of very fine particles which, however, have high tension compared to their size. The substance has a pH level compatible  with those of most construction base materials. Its particles stick to the surface of sand, cement, gypsum or any other solid substance that has particles (such as sugar), and fill up the air gaps between the particles where water could leak through.


Apart from making the construction materials completely watertight, the powder has high air permeability, transferring this characteristic to any material. It contains only natural ingredients, and is thus environment-friendly. Its shelf life is practically unrestricted. The additive is widely usable for water penetration control and is compatible with natural materials.


Ongoing partnerships:


Lafarge-Holcim – Extended warranty cement and watertight concrete production