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About us

Our group started operations in 2014 to manufacture hydrophobic lime powder made of 100 % natural ingredients, a unique and novel substance that exhibits excellent oil adsorption capacity and was developed as a result of a long-term project by Hungarian researchers and specialists. Our growing products based on the patented new technology with great potential for future brand developments have a wide range of applications in multiple industries without posing hazard to humans and the environment.




Oil Resist
Chemical-free, widely applicable oil adsorbent powder for removing and cleaning up oil contamination from solid surfaces and water


Service Resist
Environment-friendly solution
for removal of oil stains and for anti-skid treatment of surfaces


Fire Resist
An additive to significantly increase fire-extinguishing efficiency and fire-fighting equipment durability


Hydro Resist
A  waterproofing material
for reinforcement of sand levees, soil and construction earthworks


Bau Resist
A natural additive to control water penetration in construction base materials whilst ensuring high air permeability and to increase cement durability


Algae Resist
A gentle but powerful green solution to clean algae from pools and pavements as well as to be used for plant protection as snail repellent

 Why choose the new green technology


Environment-friendly products

They clean up contaminated solid surfaces and water efficiently in an environmentally friendly manner with an exceptional oil adsorption capacity and hydrophobicity



Innovative technology

Strongly committed to the green cause, research and development, TecDry’s mission is to invent and disseminate ecological technologies for global use



Unique green substance

The patented base material of our products is a special mixture made of a certain type of lime and natural additives through a unique manufacturing process



100 % natural ingredients

All our products are made of only natural ingredients in the form of a very fine powder with varying compositions and particle sizes



6 different brands

We have six different product brands now with additional ones in the various stages of development, licensing, certification or introduction


Biodegradable, safe, harmless

Biodegradable in nature, the substance does not contain components harmful to humans or the environment, ensuring compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations

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